Simpson House

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Tea Menu
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Our own special blends

House of Grey

Baroness Grey: Great afternoon tea with hints of Earl Grey & lemon

Countess Grey: A charming blend of Earl Grey & blackberries

Dorian Grey: Hints of velvety caramel with a touch of Earl Grey

Earl Grey: Unbelievable aroma portends the taste of bergamot

Earl Grey Cream: Earl Grey mellowed with creamy vanilla

Lady Elizabeth Grey: Earl Grey with a hint of Rose

Lavender Earl Grey: Old favorite with the addition of lavender

Russian Earl Grey: Traditional Earl Grey with smoky highlights

St. Paul’s London Breakfast: A great breakfast tea with hints of Earl Grey

English Favorites

Assam: Good full bodied tea that works great with milk

Darjeeling: The champagne of tea: this one is a perfect estate 2nd flush

English Afternoon: Medium bodied black tea with lemon highlights

English Breakfast: Good bodied tea; works well with milk

Irish Breakfast: Stout robust blend of teas that makes a strong cup

Lady Londonderry: Strawberry & lemon make this a perfect cup

Lapsang Souchong: China black tea that offers a crisp character with the smoky aroma & flavor of an oak fire

Prince of Wales: Regal & full bodied with delicious black currants

Royal Bengal Tiger: Hints of cinnamon, passion fruit & mango

Scottish Breakfast: A strong black with just a hint of oakiness

Scottish Lass: Medium bodied with a oaklike taste, works with milk

Windsor Castle: Full bodied tea with Assam, Ceylon, & Darjeeling

Flavored Black Teas

Almond: Lovely hints of almond dance thru this black

Apple: The crisp taste of a fresh crisp apple

Apple Spice: A fall favorite taste

Blueberry: The piquet taste of the popular blue berries

Caramel: The sweet, mellow velvety taste of a buttery caramel

Chocolate: A delicious treat for the mouth

Chocolate Mint – Just like an after dinner mint

Dark Chocolate - Deep and rich taste of dark chocolate

Ginger: The spicy hot flavor of fresh ginger root

Ginger Peach: Sweet peach taste with a hint of ginger spice

Hazelnut Vanilla: The dynamic flavor of this tasty pair

Lemon: The sweet zesty tang of lemon that cleanses the palate

Lemon Ginger: Lively ginger notes add to the sweet tangy lemon

Mint: The cool refreshing taste of fresh mint

Monks Blend: Dramatic combination of vanilla & grenadine

Mulled Spice: A delicious blending of mild mulling spices

Orange Spice: The full flavor of both Florida oranges & cinnamon

Peach Apricot: A tasty combination of both sweet, ripe fruits

Raspberry: Robust flavor of dew-kissed sun-ripened raspberries

Wild Blackberry: Tangy taste of just picked blackberries

Wild Strawberry: Intense flavor of ripe, summer strawberries

Vanilla: Sugar enhances the rich delicious flavor of vanilla

Vanilla Cinnamon: Rich vanilla taste with a hint of cinnamon

Vanilla Chai: A creamy blend of vanilla & exotic spices

Decaffeinated Black Teas
(Premium CO2 Decaffeinated)

Earl Grey: Unbelievable aroma portends the classic taste

English Breakfast: Full bodied that works well with milk

Orange Spice: Flavors of both Florida oranges & cinnamon

(Also known as Red Tea: Naturally Decaffeinated)

Amaretto: The scrumptious taste of almonds

Belgium Chocolate: Velvety smooth chocolate

Bourbon Street Vanilla: Vanilla gives this an exotic jazzy depth

Chocolate Caramel: A blending of two favorite flavors

Chocolate Mint: The spectacular flavor of both

Crème au Caramel: Sweet, velvety taste of buttery caramels

Georgia Peach: The intense flavor of sweet Georgia peaches

Lady Londonderry: A wonderful blend of strawberry and lemon

Lemon Ginger: Lemon paired with the sharp taste of ginger

Sunshine Lemon: The invigorating taste of zesty lemons

Strawberry: A flavorful burst of strawberries

Strawberry Vanilla: A blending of two favorites for a tasteful cup


Egyptian Chamomile: Very aromatic from the world’s finest chamomile

Peppermint: Very pungent cool fresh minty taste

Special Blended Black Teas

Bridal Rose: Fragrant rose combined with creamy vanilla

Creme au Chocolate: Creamy Vanilla combined with rich Chocolate

Peach Melba: A blending of peaches and raspberries

Strawberry Cream: A summer favorite taste

Vanilla Almond: These two favorites blend for a tasty cup

Green Teas

Baroness Grey: The flavor of Earl Grey with lemon

Jasmine with Flowers: Captivating taste with jasmine blossoms

Lady Londonderry Green: Green tea with strawberry & lemon

Lemon Green: A flavorful green with the sweet tang of fresh lemon

Lucky Dragon Hyson: Smooth fresh green tea taste with good body

Sencha: Tending light and smooth with reasonable depth and body

Sencha Kyoto Cherry Rose Festival: Sencha style with the wonderful taste of combined cherry and rose hints

Strawberry Green: a burst of strawberries in a green tea

White Teas

Blueberry White: Seasonal white with luscious blueberry taste

Pai Mu Tan (White Peony): This is a classic example of a delicate white tea

Peach Apricot White: White tea enhanced by the sun-ripened sweet flavor of both fruits

Oolong Teas

Orange Blossom Oolong: A flowery oolong with fruity jasmine notes

Ti Kuan Yin (Iron Goddess Oolong): Light cup with hints of orchid-like flavor