Simpson House Tea Room

Attention Groupon Users:
If you are redeeming a Lady Jane or Princess Margaret Tea for Two.
As per your voucher terms of use there is a limit of 1 voucher per day, per table, per person. Even if vouchers are purchased by different people only 1 can be used at a table. Also the vouchers purchased by the same person must be used in 2 visits, not on the same day.

This policy does not apply to Afternoon Tea n Talk events

Thank you.

We welcome children 12 & under on Saturday & Sunday only


Reservations Required

Wednesday thru Sunday

11:00 to 3:00

Reservations taken up to 30 days in advance

Please call to make a reservation

Last Seating 90 minutes prior to close

Phone: 610-458-0120

24 hour cancellation policy applies

Maximum Table Size Six

Simpson House Tea Room

Conveniently located on Rt 100 in the Village of Eagle. Directly across from the Eagle Tavern & right next door to CVS. Ample parking available in rear of buildings. Join us for our monthly tea tasting or book a private party for a birthday, anniversary, baby or bridal shower, graduation, rehearsal dinner...

or just because!​

Simpson House Tea Room